Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Special Qurban

HeLo Peeps!

Salam Aidiladha from me and my perfect best friend. Im soo sorry if u feel annoying when im always show our picture in this blog. It is just the way for me to create some memories with story that i can read anytime i want. Wearing this black lovely jubah given from abah freshly posted from Makkah for me to wear during this raya qurban. Si rul said that im so sweet with this jubah aww aww. See his face. Looking superb tired after doing some business with the cow. Ehehe. But still give his best smile when my family come over to his place. Tq so much syg. Tq for the delicious nasi minyak with gulai ayam and daging goreng. Tq for the good service u gave to us. Tq for withhold your fatigued while waiting for me. And tq for everything. Now we are further away again like always and im starting missing u. Everyday im getting more and more excited about my future. Hiks.

Gosh! i feel so weird when twisting my language. Because lately i always speak like this with si rul. one way to improve our english skill maybe. hewhew. Sorry again for my broken entah pape english typing. Peace! :)

XOXO. Publish!


tHnX 4 bL0gwaLkiNg herE!!

tHnX 4 bL0gwaLkiNg herE!!